Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hello all Descendants fans...yes, i'm still working on Havoc, while also attending Nursing School! All is well, and I thought maybe a brief excerpt from the novel might provide a little taste of what's coming when Havoc releases...So, enjoy!

The Audience is Listening

I need to look on the bright side—I’ve not been eaten alive…yet—Jonathan Parks

Laughter—maniacal laughter. This is what Brody West hears as he sweeps Malak-esh behind his head, striking a charging zombie, before driving it forward again into the chest of another. The sound seems to be coming from everywhere, or perhaps it is only in his head. No one else—none of the zombies, or the soldiers fighting in vain for their lives—seems to hear it. Brody cannot block it out.
He uses his divine weapon as a focus for his power. Each time he strikes one of the rabid creatures, Brody discharges his power through the blade, igniting a white hot flame within the raging monsters that devours them from within in seconds. Each swipe of Malak-esh reduces another human monster to ash.
These plague victims resemble their former human selves only because they have the characteristic shape of men. Otherwise, they appear as monsters more than men. Their clothes are shredded, hanging as soiled and bloody ribbons upon their gaunt frames. Despite what flesh these ravenous creatures may have recently consumed, their hypermetabolism has burned the calories away, leaving them only with an insatiable appetite for prey. A hunger that knows no bounds drives them to kill everyone that crosses their paths.
Once a watcher from afar, Brody West has now become a warrior, entering the fray this horrifying plague has generated. Brody has killed these monsters before when necessary, but never has he faced so many. He strikes another down, and another, and another.
They come from every direction, relentless and unyielding. There is no notion of fear upon their faces. There is no sign of retreat, even when he raises Malak-esh to rend their flesh with white hot fire. Rather than flee at the danger, they rush forward and are cut down.
Sheer numbers continually force Brody to retreat. He can only engage so many at one time before leaping away. The trouble is open ground is rapidly becoming hard to find.
Throwing himself away again, before the onrushing ghouls can get hold of him, Brody lands upon one of the parked support vehicles. Only a moment ago, one of the soldiers had been attempting to hide inside, or at least barricade himself within. It didn’t last. Zombies crashed through the windows of the van, chasing him from the front of the vehicle into the rear compartment. There they had him.
Brody lands upon the roof of the van. Almost instantly, the tide of plague victims changes course to take up pursuit. They scrabble over one another like insects, attempting to be the first to reach him upon his perch.
Malak-esh shines with brilliant light each time he strikes down one of the horde, discharging its power through the victims, immolating them in seconds. The sword creates a strobe effect, illuminating the GCHQ building behind him, casting shadows of grizzled forms with reaching hands upon the walls. Still, Brody realizes his efforts here outside the building are not doing much good. The soldiers in the courtyard are already dead, or dying, and his great grandchildren await him inside. He had hoped to stay the tide of zombies from gaining access to the flying saucer-shaped building, but it doesn’t look like he or anyone else will be able to stop them.
Yet, the laughter in his head only increases with his efforts.
“Bravo!” the voice shouts between bouts of cackling as Brody swings Malak-esh, dividing a raging man’s head from his body.
He wants to believe that it might be Black or Southresh, but either appearance would be impossible. Black’s host was destroyed back in the city of Trinity upon the spiritual plane before a terrible conflagration from the Lord destroyed it all. Southresh, also, was defeated and sent back to the angelic prison of Tartarus. His own Sadie had accomplished the task. Brody had not sensed the angel’s presence in the world even once since that time.
Of course, that only left one of the Fallen in the world; only one who had tormented him through the long years of his life. He had first come to Brody during his brief time as a penniless waif upon the streets of London over one hundred years before. His father had been murdered by two thugs attempting to rob them, and Brody had fled the scene in terror for his life. In his time of need he had no friends, no one who would give him the slightest help.
It was in the disguise of that good angel that Lucifer had first appeared to him, presenting gifts and seemingly good advice when he was at his lowest point and ready to receive any kindness. Not long after this, the angel appeared again just in time to save the life of Oliver James from an act his mentor believed might rid them of Black. Lucifer had also shown up within the angelic prison of Tartarus—again as that same seemingly good angel—to defend him and Oliver from the mad god himself, Southresh.
In all these things, Brody had been fooled by the arch-villain of the ages. It had not been until after Oliver sacrificed himself to imprisonment within Tartarus that it became clear who this good angel really was. Brody had eventually guessed at Lucifer’s identity, but he had possessed no way to defeat his adversary.
Now, Brody has not a single doubt in his mind as to Lucifer’s involvement in all that had transpired since that time—the Word of God being quite clear on his nature and his devices. In ways Brody has little specific information about, Lucifer has always been there, operating behind the scenes to bring about his malevolent ends upon him and his family. The events surrounding the rise and fall of the angel’s descendant progeny, Grayson Stone, have been only part of the whole matter.
This maniacal laughter now, as he fights for his life among a horde of ravenous plague victims, can only be Lucifer again, inserting himself into Brody’s life in order to cause him misery and pain. Decades of separation from all of those events and the descendant races themselves clearly has not erased his existence from the mind of the Devil himself. His old enemy is here, gloating with every kill or evasion Brody makes.
“Are you afraid to show yourself?” Brody growls, kicking away a horrid female creature scrabbling up the side of the van to the roof.
More snickering at his challenge. Then he hears the voice say, “Very well, since it pleases me.”
Lucifer appears then in multiple locations all around the makeshift compound. Brody’s gaze is drawn to the nearest first and then the rest, all while doing his best to fight off the raging horde dogging his movements about the crowded parking lot. Some of the apparitions—for he knows they are not all physical embodiments—laugh again at his predicament. Others shake their heads in mock pity.
In anger, Brody throws his arms outward, producing a kinetic bubble that explodes like a shockwave. Numerous bloodthirsty plague zombies are thrown into the air and across the blood-stained pavement. Several vehicles are pummeled with enough force to topple them onto their sides.
Those who remain little effected, however, surge toward him like floodwaters, relentless in their ferocity. Lucifer howls with laughter again. “You’ll have to be more creative than that, if you hope to survive this night, Mister West.”

Saturday, December 05, 2015

What A Year! Updates, etc...

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have read my novels. Descendants Saga and the continuing Crisis Sequence have been probably the most popular with fans and I'm grateful for that....your interest has made it so.

My writing has slowed somewhat over the past year due to some family issues that have been very difficult...circumstances that have forced me into changes I never expected, to be honest. However, the Lord, as always, is good and He has brought me through one of the most heartbreaking years of my life.

Some doors have closed, others have been opened... I have recently returned to school working on a BSN. This is a natural progression since I've been a surgical tech for nearly 20 years, and the Lord is blessing in it. 

Many of you have left comments wanting to know when more novels are coming out...particularly HAVOC as the next descendants book. While circumstances over the past year made for a slow start, I'm happy to report that HAVOC is well underway and I hope to release it in the near future. HAVOC will bring an end to the Crisis Sequence trilogy, but will also open up a new storyline for Descendants...I'm not through writing these stories yet and I'm glad you've enjoyed them so far. It is meant to be ONE story, despite me breaking it into separate parts, like CRISIS SEQUENCE, and Brody West remains at the heart of that story.

At this point I've only had the spare time to keep working on Descendants novels, so I apologize for those of you who are looking forward to the long overdue  sequel to A World Within... I just haven't had the time to focus on it lately, but it's started and I still hope to finish it when I finish school and get that behind me.

All that to say, I appreciate fans of these stories and I hope you'll continue on the journey with me... I'm anxious to see what happens next myself!

BTW: FOR ANYONE WHO DIDN'T KNOW ALREADY, I RECENTLY RELEASED A NEW NOVEL ENTITLED, "RAVENS HAND." It's a new fantasy with a new world and characters and some cool things case you're looking for something to read at the moment??

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday....try not to get crushed in the lines to see the next Star Wars--which looks awesome by the way. 

As Havoc approaches release day, I will post updates... until then... God bless!

Monday, June 29, 2015


In an effort to reconcile the Descendant's Saga Books with the Descendant's Saga Crisis Sequence storyline, I have uploaded some new covers for all that hopefully make it clear this is all one story. At the moment print covers are still the same, but may change in the future as well. Print covers require a lot more doing and process to change ;)
In addition, I have an update on Descendant's Saga Crisis Sequence #3 "HAVOC" which takes place immediately on the heels of "CRISIS." Brody West--a.k.a. The Watcher--has caught up with Jonathan Parks, Garth and Cassie at the GCHQ building in Gloucestershire and has begun to engage the horde of plague victims attacking the facility...
This is how CRISIS ends and how HAVOC will begin. I've taken a short break from writing recently, as I'm back in college at the tender age of 44, working toward physician assistant school, hopefully next year. Working in surgery for nearly 20 years now, this is a bit of a step up for me and I hope to be accepted for the 2016 program by the end of this year. Needless to say, lots to accomplish and writing my novels is only one of those things on my plate...but I'm still writing. As a matter of fact, the Lord just allowed me a bit of an epiphany on the Descendant's Saga storyline and I have a great new direction to take the story now that I didn't before. Rather than believing HAVOC would be the last novel for Descendants, I now see at least HAVOC and one or two more in order to flesh out the new ideas.
I had even considered killing off Brody West for HAVOC (if it was to be the last) but I've scrapped that idea, and he'll be integral to the remaining novels as well as the new characters in Crisis Sequence, and possibly some returning characters who've been a long while in hiding...more on why they would be hiding and what happened to Sadie and Cole while Brody was transporting through time coming up in the new storyline!!
At any rate, I'm excited about the new direction, and HAVOC WILL BE A PIVOTAL BOOK for where the Descendant's story is headed as well as explaining some things that Brody West still doesn't understand about what he missed while traveling through time from WWII era to our present day.
I hope all DESCENDANTS FANS will hang on for the rest of the ride with me, and if you haven't yet read up through CRISIS then you won't know what's going on!!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Hey, hey, hey, as Fat Albert would say!

I've had questions recently on the follow-up Crisis Sequence Novel: HAVOC, as well as a question on the DESCENDANTS SAGA in general. Also, readers have been looking for the sequel to A World Within," for some about a bullets list!!
  • First of all, I'm actually beginning work on HAVOC now! I hope to have it out later this year, but I'm not sure exactly when it will be, yet. You see, I'm also working on the "World Within" sequel right now, and I'm back in college attempting to finish my Bachelor's degree in Psychology in order to apply for Physician Assistant school. I've worked as a Surgical Technologist for nearly 20 years and PA is a natural progression for me. Needless to say, I've got a lot of work ahead of me, and continuing to write novels is part of that....What? You thought novelists were paid so well that they didn't need daytime jobs? HA, HA, HA, HA! Unfortunately, that's just not the reality for most novelists. But anyway, I'm working on both novels and trying to get them out there. To be honest, I'm still not quite sure where HAVOC is going to end up...CRISIS definitely shoved Brody West, aka the Watcher, more into the focus of the story, and the "zombies" are making a nice transformation into something much more "supernatural" than you might have first suspected...remember this is all still DESCENDANTS SAGA. People thought I had flipped the script on them with Crisis Sequence, but NOT SO :) Anyway, look for it later this year, as well as a sequel for "A World Within."
  • Secondly, I received a theological question regarding the DESCENDANTS SAGA as a whole...specifically, why I hold to the view that "the Sons of God, mentioned in Genesis 6, are angels rather than being simply mighty men, or the "Sons of Seth." So, I thought I would take the time to answer that here. First of all, the phrase, "Sons of God," is mentioned several times in the old testament. (Job 1:6, Job 2:7, Job 38: 7) In each of these references, we find that angels are clearly being spoken of...particularly, in Job chapters 1 & 2 as Satan appears with these "Sons of God" before the Lord himself. Clearly, we are in a supernatural setting here before God's throne and Satan is not standing there with mortal men. Also in Job 38:7, God is demanding of Job answers concerning knowledge about the foundation of the world...something Job as a mortal had essentially no knowledge about...and we find the Sons of God shouting for joy at the creation of the heavens and the Earth...clearly, not mortal men. So, if every other reference in the Old Testament has angels in mind then why not Genesis 6? Even in Genesis chapter 6 we have a separation: the "Sons of God" and the "Daughters of men." Whey did the Lord use this type of language, if he was simply referring to mortal men and mortal women? He could have just said, "men and women." Now, is this view something that I am dogmatic about? No...I admit that I could be wrong. But I still feel that this is the correct interpretation, and the bible doesn't appear to disagree. Still, it's speculation...but it sure makes a better series of novels don't it?
Stay tuned for updates on "HAVOC" and "The Wielder King" coming later this year...I hope! Don't forget to check out recent additions to the Audible library for my novels. A Strange Tale is recently out, as well as Hallowed Be Thy Name Omnibus Edition. I'm hoping to have a narrator for ALLIANCE soon to finish off the Descendant audiobooks, and RAGE and CRISIS are already out for Crisis Sequence!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Free Book Promotions!!

Raven's Hand will be FREE on KINDLE from February 24th - February 28th!

RAGE: Descendants Saga Crisis Sequence Book One will be FREE from February 24th - February 28th!

Saturday, January 31, 2015


First let me say that I appreciate all of those who have taken precious time out of their lives to read (and hopefully enjoy) my novels! As far as new things and updates, let me answer a few questions that I've received on a regular basis.

  1. A World Within series has not been forgotten! I'm starting the second novel, tentatively entitled, "THE WIELDER KING," as I write this. I hope to finish it sometime in the early Summer 2015. I love the first book and am looking forward to getting back to AWW's fun cast and crew. In the meantime, I have other fantasy novels available you may not have read and one brand new one to announce in this post (see the new cover pic?)
  2. For those of you who have read the Descendants Saga and now the Crisis Sequence novels, you should already realize that they are linked and that Brody West has traveled into the future, so to speak, by way of being held in stasis within a special portal. Not really time travel...more like cryo-sleep for us trekkies...and he will not return to the past. But there is a whole mess of trouble for him to deal with and some sadness too in the Crisis Sequence novels, beginning with RAGE, which I have left priced for FREE!! So, fans of Descendants can definitely afford to check out the continuation...I'm also still giving promo codes for the RAGE audiobook, so you can get that for FREE at the moment if you hurry! That's a great deal, so don't waste the opportunity. I realize some people don't like that I ended Descendants and flipped the script somewhat to make Brody a hidden character at first and then a side character in CRISIS, but trust me when I say that these other characters are cool and Brody increased along the way and is set to be a main character again in the next Crisis Sequence novel...
  3. Speaking of Crisis Sequence, when is the third novel, HAVOC, going to come out, James? So glad you asked. HAVOC will be written following the new World Within novel, (I can only do one at a time, folks) which would mean hopefully starting in Summer 2015 and completing it a few months later. So, hopefully before Christmas 2015. By the way, I appreciate your patience. Being an independent writer does allow me to bypass much of the Big Publisher delays in book release, but I still have to write them...and I write novels almost non-stop while also working a job, taking care of kids and now returning to finish my degree. Lots on the plate, but I'm still doing the novels full steam ahead.
  4. Now, for the GRAND EXPERIMENT! I am proud to announce the release of my latest series starter, RAVEN'S HAND, Book One of the Raven's Chronicle series. This is full on allegorical fantasy like most of my other fantasy novels and is no less filled with action and adventure, vicious villains and powerful protagonists. I do hope you will join me in this new story by picking up either the Kindle version, the soon coming Print Version, or the hopefully soon coming Audiobook Version at
  5. And last but not least, I've got good news for Audiobook lovers...not only am I still handing out FREE promo codes for RAGE...I'm also working with a new narrator and will have new audiobooks coming from over the next few months for: HALLOWED BE THY NAME Omnibus Edition, A Strange Tale (Percival Strange novel), and the final Descendants novel, ALLIANCE/VENDETTA. Also, I may soon have audio releases for my space novel series, The Chronicles of Soone! Man, that's going way back!
So, in conclusion, there is so much going on and I hope you will stay tuned for upcoming sequels, audiobooks and please join with me in the Raven's Chronicle series just released with Book One, Raven's Hand. If you're wondering why I called this novel the Grand Experiment, I had the idea of writing under a pen name, Evangeline Black, for this novel since it has a female heroine. At any rate, I even released it for free for a couple of days under that name on amazon, but I've since decided not to bother with any of that J.K. ROWLING style pen name, I've reordered everything to reflect my own true name again...a grand experiment that ultimately I figured was just kind of stupid :)

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To celebrate the recent release of my new audiobook, RAGE: Crisis Sequence Book One, I'm offering the AUDIBLE.COM audiobook free to the first 30 people who contact me by email and agree to listen and review the novel on's website. Anyone who also posts a review of the audiobook on (in addition to the review) will also receive one of my other audiobooks for free...any of the you choose from!

That's a great offer just to get some honest reviews! Two free audiobooks are yours just for taking the time to listen and post two reviews!

Email me at:

Tell me who you are and your interest in reviewing RAGE on audible and Amazon. I'll reply with the first promo code to get you RAGE and then give you the second audiobook when I tell me where to find your review.

Simple as that. So, don't waste any time claiming your audiobook, cause once I hear from 30 people, I'll end the promotion. By the way, even if you think you're too late to claim a code...try me anyway! I might choose to extend it if enough people are interested. And you might not be as late as you think. It never hurts to try!!